Volunteers Needed

Saturday Food Box Delivery Sign up Sheets:  

November 18, 2023

Submit an Application to Volunteer

To apply, click the form and email to info@pittcoa.com or drop off at our office, 4551 County Home Road. Volunteer Application Form

What are some practical ways I can help the COA?

Interested in helping the COA but you don’t have lots of hours to volunteer? Do you have connections  in the community that might be helpful to us? Are you willing to donate needed items? Follow the link below for a list of ideas and opportunities. 

Ideas to help the COA

Making a Difference

Six hundred people can’t be all wrong! Over six hundred volunteers serve the Council on Aging agenda throughout Pitt County. Many of them have been putting in their time on a volunteer basis for over twenty years. Recently, one gentleman shared that he decided he would try out Meals on Wheels to see if he liked it. If he did, well… That was fifteen years ago, and he has been serving ever since.

Why Should I Volunteer?

What attracts people to serve as volunteers for the Council on Aging? One reason is affirmation. Helping a senior who must face not being able to do certain things without help anymore brings an immediate reward. The inner satisfaction of being needed and making a difference brings many back for decades. Another reason is affiliation. One person alone can do only so much, but as a local force? From Bethel to Grifton, from Farmville to Grimesland, someone from the Council on Aging is counseling, delivering meals, making a phone call, or helping people stay safe and independent in their homes. Serving such seniors is also serving the families. Shoulder to shoulder, many share the responsibility of caring for the less able.

How Many Hours Are Required of a Volunteer?

Required? Irrelevant! Nothing keeps a volunteer with the Council on Aging coming back except their desire to make the most of the available time they have. For some, an hour a week delivering a meal is enough; for others, running errands and spending time with a senior may run into several hours that they have to give. This is flex-time at its best.

Food For Thought- Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels makes having a nutritional meal possible for those not able to prepare one for themselves. Over 300 meals go out every day to those who are home bound. These seniors are divided up into areas, such as Farmville, Bethel, Greenville, etc. Within each town or city, groups of seniors are broken up further by area into routes. A volunteer can expect to spend about 1 hour delivering meals on one of these routes. The window for delivering meals is from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. We take special care to make the new volunteer feel comfortable, including orientation and a mentor for the first trip out.

Senior Wellness Center Programs/Activities

Have a special talent or skill that you would like to share with others? Let us know! The Pitt County Senior Wellness Center offers a variety programs and activities that you may be able to assist with. We may also develop and schedule a new program based on a volunteer’s skill and interest level.

So Much More—Other Opportunities

Not sure what you want to do or can do, but you know you want to help. The Pitt County Council on Aging has several other opportunities for volunteers. Administrative work, yard work, handyman repairs, fund raising, marketing and more. If you have a talent, we will find a job that fits your interest and schedule.

I’m Interested! So Now What Do I Do?

To apply, click the listing you are interested in above and send us your information.  You can also contact Cyndi Shimer at (252) 752-1717 extension 205 at the Greenville Senior Wellness Center at 4551 County Home Road in Greenville 27858, located across from the Animal Shelter and Farmers’ Market.