About us


The Pitt County Council on Aging, Inc. is a licensed 501 (c) 3 non-profit agency that is committed to improving the quality of life for older Americans through advocacy, services, life enrichment activities and friendship. Through communication, coordination of efforts, cooperation with public and private entities and a high quality delivery system, the Council enables older adults to secure and maintain maximum independence and dignity. Through our daily work, older Americans in Pitt County are provided access to services they need to lead healthier, more meaningful, productive lives.


The Pitt County Council on Aging will enhance the quality of life for adults by providing access to a continuum of services, programs, and resources that promote healthy living and independence.


The vision of the Pitt County Council on Aging is to become the premier Aging Agency leading North Carolina in services and programs for individuals 55 and older.


Aging is a normal developmental process that brings both rewards and challenges. Older adults have ambitions and are capable of continued growth and development. They have certain basic needs, including the need for opportunities for relationships and for experiencing a sense of achievement. They have a right to a voice in determining matters that impact them, and access to sources of information and assistance for personal and family problems, including opportunities to learn from individuals coping with similar experiences.

Core Values

The Board of Directors, Staff and Volunteers of the Pitt County Council on Aging are committed to the following core values:


To be professional, honest and ethical in all decision-making and action.


To promote diversity and inclusion of all older adults in Center programs. To be dedicated to making Pitt County a wonderful place to live for all ages through work and personal life.


To demonstrate empathy and sincerity in assisting clients, caregivers, and family members.

Excellence in Service/Innovation & Creativity

To strive to be among the best senior centers in America through a commitment to excellence, constantly seeking new, creative and innovative approaches to service delivery.


The Pitt County Council on Aging was organized in 1975 to serve the older adult population in Pitt County by helping them maintain independence in their homes. Jeffrey J. McAllister was employed as the Founding Director of our organization, and Dan Earnhardt served as the first Board Chairman.

The Council on Aging was originally headquartered in Jarvis Memorial Methodist Church and the original staff was made up of four people. At the time, the only program offered by the Council on Aging was general transportation. In 1977, the County Commission allocated the “old nurse’s quarters” as space for the Council on Aging, and in 1978, the Council was designated the “Focal Point on Aging” by the County Commission and the Governor of North Carolina. In 1980, the Council assumed responsibility for the four nutrition sites previously operated by the Mid-East Commission Area Agency on Aging. These sites have evolved into one multi-purpose Senior Center and four satellite Senior Centers. By March 1981, the Meals on Wheels Program was established, delivering 14 meals per day in Pitt County. In early 1984, the County Board of Commissioners established the Pitt County Senior Center. With the assistance of hundreds of volunteers, the Council on Aging currently is serving close to 300 meals per day to older adults throughout Pitt County.

The Council on Aging has grown and expanded over the years. In the 1990’s we added four new programs: Information, Referral Care Assistance and Care Management (1995), Safe and accessible Modifications to Homes (1996), Caregivers (1996), and Computer Technology Training Program for Seniors (1997). In 1999, the Board of Directors voted to build a new campus for the Pitt County Council on Aging, and committees were formed to move forward with this goal.

The current Council on Aging provides three key areas covering agency services: Aging Services, Nutritional Services, and Programming and Volunteers. The Aging Services department covers information, referral, and resources for all aging related questions. In addition to these services, the department also provides Medicare options counseling, Falls Prevention and Home Safety assessments, and onsite counseling services. The Nutritional Services department provides a wide range of nutritional services and assessments including home delivered and senior center meals service. The Programming and Volunteer Department oversees our five senior centers currently located in Ayden, Bethel, Farmville, Fountain, and Greenville. They coordinate all programming for the senior centers as well as community opportunities to engage in activities ranging from recreational to health education. The department also oversees the hundreds of volunteers required to maintain a fully functioning aging agency.

The Council on Aging takes great pride in its achievements over the last four decades. It would not have been possible without the help and support of a growing older adult population as well as our dedicated staff and volunteers. It is our desire to continue to enhance the quality of life for adults by providing access to a continuum of services, programs, and resources that promote healthy living and independence for years to come!